RDC Golf Group: A Hole In One

The RDC Golf Group is a successful acquirer of golf courses and country clubs across the United States. The company has grown in prominence from its foundations that lie way back in 1993.

The golf course and country club management company essentially acquire golf clubs using a variety of methods such as purchases, leases, joint ventures, or other structures. Management services are also offered, helping owners and buyers to get the most from their investment and capitalize upon the popularity of golf.


A Genuine Passion

Everything that the RDC Golf Group does it backed by passion. The entire team – across the entire organization – is focused on helping golf courses and resorts to offer the best experience possible to their members.

The team is able to achieve this thanks to its deep-rooted love of golf and an unparalleled understanding of exactly what members want. Equipped with this genuine passion, the team can make sure that every project is a success. It’s also what helps the company to stand apart from competitors.

Calling Upon Experience to Offer Guidance

The company works hard to help with the assessment and review of golf centers. It calls upon multiple decades of experience to offer actionable and accurate insights in the following areas of operation:

  • Fee structures
  • General operational practices
  • Needed capital improvements
  • Maintenance practices
  • Individual profit centers.

By focusing in on those key areas, RDC Golf Group helps owners to get the most from their golf course and turn it into a profitable venture. There is a lot of money to be made and statistics show that golf is growing in popularity with more players around the world than ever before.

Close Ties with Industry Professionals

RDC Golf Group is able to leverage its strong and sophisticated network to give its clients access to the best professionals in the industry. If an audit reveals, for example, that the physical condition of the course needs improvement, RDC Golf Group will be able to make recommendations of which suppliers are the best.

This type of insight is incredibly useful and RDC Golf Group can offer unparalleled depth in terms of its assistance. The company is capable of leveraging its industry links to get the best pricing possible on services and products, helping golf courses to attain profitability.

Proven Results

Over the years, RDC Golf Group has worked on a wide range of high-profile projects across the country. It has leveraged its experience and expertise to get fantastic results, really turning around some golf courses to turn them into clubs that are adored by legions of loyal members.

As well as offering assistance from a practical perspective, the company is able to offer strategic guidance to its clients. This includes help with creating pricing structures to ensure profitability, assessment of historical performance, and an estimation of the investments that are required to get the best results.

This dual approach to guidance offers golf courses the holistic solution that they need to secure success.